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Ghost Town Storyline

“On her way to meet her fiance’s family, Lori Michaels is first having doubts about the impending marriage, and then, as her car starts to hesitate and cough, her radiator blows and her transmission gives out. Stranded in the desert thinking about a beau she’s not so stuck on any more, Lori is waiting for help — when she dozes off in the car. She awakes to find herself in a lusty old west town in which most of the women seem to be plying the worlds oldest profession with their clients in a dusty saloon. Lori soon finds out that she fits right in — and learns some things about herself while screwing a town full of ghosts. Lori’s performance is about as hot as her hissing radiator, especially during her threesome with Melissa Hill and Felecia. An artful, beautifully shot winner tailor-made for couples.”

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