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Hercules: A Sex Adventure Storyline

Set in the mythical ages of Ancient Greece, this fun film follows the exploits of sexy Hercules (Hakan Serbes), the illegitimate son of Zeus and a mortal woman. Hera, Zeus’ wife, uses all her powers to make life incredibly difficult for the bastard son of her husband. Hercules falls in love with the daughter of King Creon, Magara, who Hera casts a spell on. Magara becomes cold and indifferent to poor lovestruck Hercules, who keeps making advances, only to be shunned. So he heads to an Oracle to find out what he must do to cast away the spell and get under his loved one’s toga. Hercules enlists the aid of his buddy Samson (Frank Gun) and the two guys run off on the quest to save Magara. But not before partying with a devilishly seductive Hera themselves. A highlight of this heated threesome is watching Queen Hera take a dick up her ass and in her twat. Pretty hot under those golden apple trees. Story starts out relatively slowly but the sex hits with volcanic force. Serbes is a consistently reliable stud with a hard dick, always happy to fuck any pussy (or ass) available and the women are so beautiful, they could have been molded directly from the Greek goddesses themselves. First two scenes with Serbes, a goddess and one of the princess’s chambermaids, respectively, are terrific. The final scene with Hercules and Magara is great, but too much intercutting with another scene detracts from the heat. Attention to detail is terrific, with flowing costumes and expensive baubles adorning the beautiful babes. Late director D’Amato was always a visionary, and his eye for talent and sex kept him at the top of the heap of the great porn directors. It’s fantastic that more of his “unreleased” titles are starting to sprout up.

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